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I’ll be contradicting myself here. I’m not much for brands. Most of my best wardrobe pieces are bought from an Ukay-Ukay (Thrift) Shop and not shy about it.

This piece however, was bought a couple of years ago in Madrid, Spain, during one of their Rebaja (literally means Rebate but actually means Sale) Fiestas (festivals).

I fell in love the moment I saw this Colonel Tapioca piece – quite flexible as it is good for a hand bag, a duffel for an overnight trip, even a laptop bag at some point.

Pardon that you cannot appreciate how it looks in full – perhaps on my other albums online you can find it.

I showed it at this angle because (take your pick):

  • I’ve never really appreciated the details of the bag and the rough and tough I had it go through, this was a good eye-opener
  • My point and shoot & I inspite of our more than 2 years together, are not really really good friends yet – this is one of the shots that say we’re cool so I like it
  • We think we’re small, what about the tiny specks & creases on this bag – some perspective