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I liked how tall the trees were, indicative of how long they’ve been there and that they’ve no intentions of leaving us anytime soon.  Such a sharp contrast to the owner-type jeep trying to hide in it’s shade nearby.

It’s not as spectacular as a Manila Bay Sunset, but I still find it a pleasant surprise and an excellent distraction to the afternoon wedding I was attending.

The road trip going there and heading back was actually longer than the occassion we went to, but looking at the farm and the trees and the roads on the way back, especially the people we met, were pretty much worth a return visit.


Repost:  My WordPress noobieness and my lovely internet connection (thanks GLobe Broadband!) last night made the image attached look like a thumbnail and I can’t seem to correct the post layout manually.

We never really had the chance to hop on this island but had a good afternoon staring at it during our CouchSurfing Cebu Sinulog 2011 Booze Cruize after the Sto. Nino fluvial parade to sundown.

Professionals, expats, travellers (backpackers and flashpackers alike) converse during this cool 3rd weekend of January not just to join the festivals in the city but to enjoy its surrounding beaches, seas and islands.

Not really sure if this island’s name is Virgin Island, from research I heard that was in Bohol (which is pretty close to Cebu, right?).  But that was what my Cebuano friends told me, and we were drinking that time so baka usapang lasheng hahahaha.

Let me know if you know different?

Can’t wait for my low-fare flight opportunity to come up for Sinulog 2012 and be back here again!