I’ll be contradicting myself here. I’m not much for brands. Most of my best wardrobe pieces are bought from an Ukay-Ukay (Thrift) Shop and not shy about it.

This piece however, was bought a couple of years ago in Madrid, Spain, during one of their Rebaja (literally means Rebate but actually means Sale) Fiestas (festivals).

I fell in love the moment I saw this Colonel Tapioca piece – quite flexible as it is good for a hand bag, a duffel for an overnight trip, even a laptop bag at some point.

Pardon that you cannot appreciate how it looks in full – perhaps on my other albums online you can find it.

I showed it at this angle because (take your pick):

  • I’ve never really appreciated the details of the bag and the rough and tough I had it go through, this was a good eye-opener
  • My point and shoot & I inspite of our more than 2 years together, are not really really good friends yet – this is one of the shots that say we’re cool so I like it
  • We think we’re small, what about the tiny specks & creases on this bag – some perspective



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Repost:  My WordPress noobieness and my lovely internet connection (thanks GLobe Broadband!) last night made the image attached look like a thumbnail and I can’t seem to correct the post layout manually.

We never really had the chance to hop on this island but had a good afternoon staring at it during our CouchSurfing Cebu Sinulog 2011 Booze Cruize after the Sto. Nino fluvial parade to sundown.

Professionals, expats, travellers (backpackers and flashpackers alike) converse during this cool 3rd weekend of January not just to join the festivals in the city but to enjoy its surrounding beaches, seas and islands.

Not really sure if this island’s name is Virgin Island, from research I heard that was in Bohol (which is pretty close to Cebu, right?).  But that was what my Cebuano friends told me, and we were drinking that time so baka usapang lasheng hahahaha.

Let me know if you know different?

Can’t wait for my low-fare flight opportunity to come up for Sinulog 2012 and be back here again!


Once in a while there are pieces of art that really draws me to keep staring at them in amazement of their beauty.  This is one of those things.  I like the color, the texture, the emotion and everything else aout this picture.

I went to this place at the 1st week of May last 2008 as my 1st Solo Backpacking Trip.

People are really hospitable and made sure I was eating and not lonely and safe.

The Tricycle Driver/Guide drove me all around the great sites of the area.

Photo credits to Maximum Warp as I actually got this photo from his Flickr account.  This was how I remember it.



I’m in there somewhere!  It’s just amazing to see thousands of people booking tickets and flying out to watch a bunch of cars go round and round for several times.  Not really my cup of tea, but I had a fun time on my first F1 event.  Thanks to the Shaws!

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Had there been no heavy rains the night before, we would’ve had the chance to see beneath the muddy water.  The view is spectacular nonetheless.

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If this caterpillar were a few millimeters closer to my hand when I touched the gate’s handle, I would’ve spent the rest of the day itching.

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