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While I can barely remember late February that this dude got his 15 minutes of fame pulling a stunt against my personal idol Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, but I had declined on posting right away because while I was stark raving mad that he tried to besmirch the honor of the lovely senator, I didn’t want to extend his 15 minutes, not even one bit.

So now, a quarter later, I can’t for the love of everything chocolate even remember his name. Honest! But I won’t even pull an internet search for him so let me just share this photo I made while I was angry.

I have been looking at the UNA Senatorial Slate and cannot see his mug, nor name so will you do me a favor of making me remember who he was?

Thank you!


Once in a while there are pieces of art that really draws me to keep staring at them in amazement of their beauty.  This is one of those things.  I like the color, the texture, the emotion and everything else aout this picture.

I went to this place at the 1st week of May last 2008 as my 1st Solo Backpacking Trip.

People are really hospitable and made sure I was eating and not lonely and safe.

The Tricycle Driver/Guide drove me all around the great sites of the area.

Photo credits to Maximum Warp as I actually got this photo from his Flickr account.  This was how I remember it.



I’m in there somewhere!  It’s just amazing to see thousands of people booking tickets and flying out to watch a bunch of cars go round and round for several times.  Not really my cup of tea, but I had a fun time on my first F1 event.  Thanks to the Shaws!

I definitely had fun spending my first Hari Raya at Kuala Lumpur.  As I was mostly busy with work and settling in a bit, I mainly relied on some online sites and a few people I got to know on a week’s time about how this holiday is celebrated.

This blog post is the start of a new day for me.

Finally, I have decided on where to place all of my wanderings, whoas and expressions of wonder with the places that I go, food that I eat or drink and people that I see.

Have fun in your stay, and may you be inspired to go out and about as I do!